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The last breath – By Leoma

Posted by: | February 11, 2016 | 2 Comments |

Why do I have to prove myself? Why don’t I even think before I speak? Now I had to go to the house of death as my friends called it. I don’t think they are my friends they drink smoke and other worse things. My friend Eleanor said that she shocked to see for the very first time that they were smoking under age but I said “they always do it .“ anyway I made it to the gate and my friends shouted like maniacs saying they will be back tomorrow. I got further to the mysterious house then the door opened with no one there …

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  1. By: Ryan on February 16, 2016 at 5:01 pm      Reply

    Hi my name is Ryan. I’m 11 years old and about
    5″3. I love reading books, I play basketball and American football. I have two fish and two chickens.
    My favorite book series is the Percy Jackson series. finished all three series and I’m reading The Red Pyramid.

  2. By: Darian on February 26, 2016 at 6:09 pm      Reply

    Hi, I’m from Mr. Garrison’s class. I used to have a pet, but it died. What is your favorite subject at school? I like science. Next week we are doing bottle rockets! What state do you live in? I’m not asking for your house number, I am not a stalker! I hope you are enjoying life.

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