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Achievement Badges

You can now earn digital badges (achievements) for your work in school and on the blog. These will be displayed on your posts and in our classroom.
Here is a list of the achievements and how you can earn them:

General blogging awards

Leave regular, constructive comments on our blog

Leave regular, constructive comments on other Brookburn blogs

You shared a piece of creative writing on the blog

You wrote a post which received over fifteen relevant comments

You attracted a comment from a blogger in another country

Your comments on another blog attracted a new visitor

You posted something on the French blog

You posted a poem on our blog

You were awarded ‘Blogger of the Week’

Classroom Awards

Score 80/80 on our division test

Score 80/80 on our multiplication test (starting from 13.11.15)

There will be more achievements available soon.

Do you have any ideas for achievements?