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The flying dog Dear diary My friend and I were walking in the park when something weird happened and she was shocked to see… a flying dog. She is my friend just to let you know. My friend and I were so shocked we started to run away. We ran faster, faster and faster but […]

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Fun in 6b

Posted by: | January 31, 2016 | 1 Comment |

This week in 6b we have been doing the animal olympics which is where you see how you can compare to the animal. Why don’t you have a go? Here is what we did: CHALLENGE#1 balance like a flamingo CHALLENGE#2 roar like a lion CHALLENGE#3 run faster than a cheetah CHALLENGE#4 see as far as […]

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#music blog

Posted by: | October 22, 2015 | 2 Comments |

hello music lovers! my fave band is r city (rock city) guess my fave song by r city if i got ___________ and we lost it all today tell me honestly would you still love me the same if i showed you my flaws if i couldn’t be strong tell me honestly would you still […]

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#music blog

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this is my favourite singer photo by Jana Beamer guess my favourite song by Taylor swift cause baby now we got ____________ please comment thank you!

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