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Welcome Quadbloggers!

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We generated this wordcloud by collecting words and phrases about our class. I would say that it is fairly accurate! 🙂
We would love it if you could say hello, tell us a little bit about yourselves and perhaps ask us some questions.

You will see that we have a few posts for you to comment on.
If you would like to see some of our independent writing, take a look at the ‘100 word challenge’ posts. The most recent one has our responses in the comments.
We also have some examples of some computing work that we have been doing (our Ancient Greek animation and our Pandora adverts) as well as some maths challenges.

We hope you enjoy visiting our blog and thanks for stopping by!

P.S Why don’t you visit wordclouds and generate your own wordcloud?

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Here is the game which I showed you today in the ICT suite. Can you get to the end?


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Pandora adverts

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Using iMovie trailers on the iPads, we made adverts for the fictional planet of Pandora.
The aim was to use persuasive language, in particular adjectives,to encourage people to visit. Here is an example:

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Ancient Greek Pots Animation

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Here it is! Our incredible Year 6 animation. It was, of course, inspired by the original work that Karen Aqua and Ken Field did with some children in the U.S (click here to watch the original).

Miss Taylor and I are so proud of you all. We intentionally mixed the classes up to add an extra challenge but you all worked really well together, producing some fantastic animations in such a short period of time (two mornings!).

Anyway, grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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I remember her stumbling on the gravel in her 6 inch heels. I remember the gloomy deflated look that showed on her heavily made up face. I remember her trembling, chapped lips just making out the words “it’s the end of the line.”

It was a normal day at school when my teacher called me out of my lesson to talk to me. I knew it wasn’t good because she was frowning. I remember the exact words that came out of her red, mat lips. “your dad is ill” I just stood there and I could tell she was shocked to see I was not moving…

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100 word challenge – By Ruby

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Rachel froze. Every part of her body ached. Warm, salty tears flooded down her face, a blur of emotion spun in her head.” You!” she stuttered.
“Please I did it for you,”. Rachel just stered. the woman gingerly smiled, flashing gleaming ,pristine teath.
“ This is to much. ”Rachel collapsed on the floor, never dropping her gaze
“N…No I can’t” the womans face paled with hurt. Rachel was overwhelmed.
She scrunched up her eyes and pinched herself. She was surprised to see it wasn’t a dream. Anger seered her body because this was a person she’d never forgive, who was never their for me: her mother.

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Bottom of the garden

She was told not to go. She was warned to leave it alone but she didn’t care. When everyone in the neighbourhood was asleep, she crept out of bed, slipped on her fluffy rabbit slippers and slowly but surely tipped toed down the old wooden stairs. Suddenly she was faced with her biggest challenge: getting past the butler, who was polishing apples. The girl’s parents were really wealthy her dad was a bank manager and her mum was a dentist.
She crawled under the polished, glass window to the bottom of the garden there it was she was shocked to see…

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Today i’m flying back from America. It’s been two whole years since I’ve been back to England and my heart is racing madly… I think I’m scared. I keep reminding myself I will be okay and that I should be happy I will be seeing my family, and my best friend ever Page!
It was a seven hour flight from America and to make things worse my drive home is late. My brother wouldn’t tell me who was picking me up. He wanted it to be a surprise. Eventually my lift has arrived. I stood there still.
I think she was shocked to see me.

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Here is a link to the video that we are using to inspire our animations.

Hopefully, we will have some animations to share in a couple of weeks.

What is your animation going to be on?

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Bonfire Night Scratch Project

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Today, because it is Bonfire Night, we made animated firework displays in Scratch. Here is Rakhi’s.

Click the mouse on the screen to launch the fireworks.

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Here is a picture of the animal that was your favourite pet.

picture by torange

questions of the week,

  1. What pet do you have at home?
  2. What breed of dogs do you like?


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I will be posting stuff on this blog about football in past and present!

To start let me tell you my top ten favourite players this season, also my name is Fionn.

10. Neymar

9. Suarez

8. Robben

7. Ronaldo

6. Messi

5. Mata

4. Depay

3. Martial

2. Lewandoski

1. Rooney

These are my all time top five favourite players:

5. Rooney

4. Bobby Charlton

3. Beckham

2. Cantona

1. George Best

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Hi this is Mason & Ruben and we’d like to know what you think the world will be like in the year 2115. Please send your posts and we’ll reply.

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National Coding Week

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This week is National Coding Week.

To recognise this, we are encouraging the children to teach someone how to code.

This week, after their computing lesson, your child will come home with some resources to teach you how to code in Scratch (https://scratch.mit.edu/). We would love it if you could get involved.

Once you have learnt your new skills, leave a comment below and share what you did.


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