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Here is the game which I showed you today in the ICT suite. Can you get to the end?


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100 Word Challenge

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Here is a new 100 word challenge for you to have a go at over the holidays if you feel like doing some writing.

These are the prompt words which you must include in any order:

Lie Row Fly Chips Sweet

Have fun!

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Can you think of a suitable headline for this picture? Leave a comment below.
Extra team points will be awarded for anyone who writes the lead paragraph (orientation) for this story as well.


Photograph by John Talbot – originally posted to Flickr as Giant spider strikes again!

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I am going to offer five team points for every correct answer. Good luck!
Blog maths

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I have drawn a rectangle with an area of 36cm squared.
What could the perimeter of my rectangle be?

There is more than one possible answer. I will award a TP for every correct answer.

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What are your thoughts on the fate of the poacher, William Kemp?

Remember: he was poaching rabbits from the grounds of Lord Stamford and you caught him. You decided to tell Mr Adams, the head gamekeeper, leading to William Kemp losing his home, and being sent to prison for six months. Furthermore, with nobody to bring money home to his family, his children will have been sent to live in the workhouse.

Do you think that this was fair? Please leave a comment that answers fully and explains your opinion clearly.

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