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I remember her stumbling on the gravel in her 6 inch heels. I remember the gloomy deflated look that showed on her heavily made up face. I remember her trembling, chapped lips just making out the words “it’s the end of the line.” It was a normal day at school when my teacher called me […]

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WHAT DID HAPPEN? Terrified, scared Jennifer had noticed it, it was so terrifying and odd. This is what happened to her. It all started in October 2015, it was her birthday, she was coming home from another horrible, boring day at the office when suddenly some people dressed fully in black beat her up and […]

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The darkness Amazed, shocked, worried it happened. She was shocked to see it: her worst nightmare. She couldn’t believe it. She was ready to come face to face with her worst nightmare: the dark forest. It has been said that one step in the dark forest never come out. But she had to do it […]

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