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  It was the worst day of Theseus’s life. He had to leave his mother and farther. There was a little girl only about three years old, she was shocked to see the prince leave Athens to go to Crete. Two and a half days later he arrived at this unknown island to Theseus, Crete. […]

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Superhero VIDEO-GAMES!

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Hi its Jack and Samuel again Guess which superhero this is   He swing webs, he was bit by a spider, whens he is not saving the world hes a photographer.   That’s all for now kids. See you soon!

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We are Samuel and Jack and we want to tell you, YES YOU. We want to tell you about superhero video games, Lego MARVEL superheroes Lego BATMAN Batman Gotham City Spiderman New York City PS2 Lego Guardians of the Galaxy! Disney Infinity (SUPERHEROS) Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth The Flash Lego Batman Video Game Superman […]

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