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Why do I have to prove myself? Why don’t I even think before I speak? Now I had to go to the house of death as my friends called it. I don’t think they are my friends they drink smoke and other worse things. My friend Eleanor said that she shocked to see for the […]

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1. In speed-skating events, racers may reach speeds as high as ____ miles per hour A: 30 B: 60 C: 90 D: 180 2. What is the shape of the speed skating track at the Olympics? A: circle B: oval C: square D: rectangle 3. This American is the founder of modern figure skating. A: […]

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  Hello I am leoma Over the next few weeks I will be telling you about Ice skating . ice skating is a good hobby to get in  to .   If you have any  questions  about  it or even things you want to tell me about it Just leave a comment Next week : […]

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