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Silence It was an indescribable sight. It stared right at me. His golden eyes were like little balls of blazing golden fires trying to burn inside my soul. Kronos heard me trying to step away he roared “oh Perseus Jackson how dare you back away from the mighty Kronos!” Somebody else was in the background […]

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I thought i would do a blog post keeping up on our sumdog award. Every week we have a sumdog player of the week and they earn 5 team points. First weeks winner was Idreese with over 2 thousand questions. Week two’s winner was George with over 2 thousand questions and Last weeks winner was […]

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hi its lily guess this famous youtuber. From Wikipedia (She took the picture herself)

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HI my name is lily # random blogging I’m going to be doing loads of random posts about CBBC, art, hobbies, films and music. Today I’m going to send everyone on an internet treasure hunt. I have six games that I have tried and like so I’m putting a vote in so we can decide […]

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